Our very own Befriending Services Support Officer Nathan McLellan completed the 2018 London Virgin Money Marathon on 22nd April 2018 on one of the hottest days in marathon history! A major achievement and the result of a lot of hard work!

Nathan's marathon attempt is being sponsored by our lovely partners CS Healthcare. A long standing and award winning provider of Health Insurance to the Civil Service. 

What's he running for?

He's running to raise funds for The Civil Service Retirement fellowship and all the work we do to support retired civil servants and their dependents. 

A bit about Nathan

Nathan grew up in the rugged wilderness of Tasmania, Australia, before moving to London permanently 5 years ago. He has sport running through his veins so is competing in this year's marathon for the sheer thrill of the race as well as for the good of the charity (each to their own and all that.) 

How to get involved

You can help support us and Nathan by heading over to Nathan's Virgin Money Giving page using the link below: 


Or by using the 'donate' button on the right of this page. 

If you don't want to donate or subscribe online we are more than happy for you to send us a cheque (made payable to 'The CSRF') to The CSRF, Unit 11, Pepys House, Greenwich Quay, Clarence Road, London SE8 3EY

For more information in general on our fundraising activities please get in touch with us directly on 020 8469 9194 or email [email protected]