Isolation in older age is a serious issue in the UK. Maintaining social contact and having two-way conversations can go a long way to combatting isolation. Our befriending services and local community groups provide a valuable source of companionship to our many beneficiaries. As a charity founded to support the needs of former civil servants and their dependents, we have had friendship and companionship at the heart of our services for over 50 years.

In 2017 alone over 2,000 people visited one of our local community groups monthly and the National Visitors Network and Phone Buddy Scheme provided 2,656 calls and visits.

Our Fundraising Appeal this year is to support all of our befriending services (National Visitors Network, Phone Buddy Scheme and Local Community Group network).

For as little as £30 you can help support the training of a volunteer befriender who can provide a monthly visit or call to someone experiencing loneliness or social isolation. That's one life less isolated, entirely because of you, or a donation of £70 would help support the monthly meeting cost of a local community group and enable them to continue to run their local activities.

If you don't want to donate or subscribe online we are more than happy for you to send us a cheque (made payable to 'The CSRF') to The CSRF, Unit 11, Pepys House, Greenwich Quay, Clarence Road, London SE8 3EY