Audrey joined the Civil Service at the age of 16 to work at the Ministry of Labour during World War II before moving to Swansea in 1981. She was an early member of the then recently founded Swansea group and was very much involved with helping to set up the group.

More recently she hasn’t been able to leave the house so often and is not now able to go to the group's meetings but she keeps in touch with the Group Chairman Sylvia Edgell and often receives visits from group members.

Audrey loves being part of the Civil Service Retirement Fellowship as she feels as though she's part of a family who are always there for each other. So when she contacted us about joining our befriending services we were delighted to help.

She receives regular calls from our Phone Buddy scheme. Her buddy John calls her every week, and she also talks to his wife something she describes as "getting two for the price of one”! The friendship that has developed between John and Audrey has really helped make a difference to her. She recently discovered that a company she used to repair her china tea set was only a few streets away from John's home in Hampshire.

In addition to her calls from John, Audrey also receives a regular home visit from one of our befrienders on the National Visitors Network.

The National Visitors Network provides a little bit of company and friendly social contact plus it helps to reduce feelings of loneliness and increases motivation and confidence. If you would like to receive a visit, become a visitor or find out more you can give us a ring (all calls treated in strictest confidence) on 020 8691 7411 or email: [email protected]