Caring news from The Charity for Civil Servants

The Charity has been developing a new digital resource for carers, working with Carers UK, which launches during Carers Week 2019. If you’re a carer, do keep an eye out for this additional information from 10 June.

This new resource will contain tools and information to support carers with their caring responsibilities.

The Charity can also provide carers with a Carers’ Statement, outlining an individual’s caring responsibilities, helping them to inform carers and care-needs assessment conversations with carers’ organisations, GPs and Health and Social Care Professionals. Carers will be sent an information sheet specific to their needs.

In addition, the Charity offers an Emergency Plan; a safe way to hold essential information about the person you care for, should you be unable to care, due to emergency or illness.

The Charity continues to offer a series of regular webinars/dial-ins, covering caring as well as mental wellbeing support and money and debt advice.

For further information and advice from the Charity about any concerns you might have, take a look at their website  or call to speak to an Advisor in confidence on Freephone 0800 056 2424.