Many of us will have experienced the stress that comes with not being able to manage your money and it can have a huge impact on wellbeing - in fact more than half of the UK population have experienced poor mental wellbeing as a result of concerns about money.

Whether it’s finding everyday tasks hard, like keeping on top of bills and bank statements, or finding yourself missing payments - help is available. There is a wide range of online guidance out there – check out the websites for both The Charity for Civil Servants and The Money Advice Service who have a very useful Debt Advice Locator tool.

The Charity has a team of qualified and experienced advisors who will talk to you about the best solutions available to resolve any difficulties. As well as debt and money advice and support, where possible, the Charity will also consider financial support alongside their advice and guidance.

And if you are struggling with your mental health, their advisors can offer a supportive conversation, listening and helping you to work out what's making you struggle and suggesting options for support.

For information on support from The Charity for Civil Servants see: helping-you/money
To learn more about the work of The Money Advice Service: