Dorothy is the 90 year old wife of one of our life members and an ex-Civil Servant, Stanley. Also 90 years old, Stanley requires full time care which Dorothy lovingly gives him. 

 Carer Support

Last year, Dorothy responded to an email we sent expressing interest in our'Carer'sSupport Scheme' Pilot. One of the aims of this pilot was to provide respite days tocarer'sin our communities, and we were delighted to be able to provide Dorothy with vouchers for a trip she chose to the local zoo. 


After the trip, which she managed to redeem at a time when her son, his wife and her young grandson were visiting from their home in Spain, she kindly sent us a letter thanking us for helping make this trip happen. 

What they did  

Dorothy specifically chose to take them to one of her favourite spots, Port Lympne in Kent. She told us she has always enjoyed visiting this particular zoo because 'the animals are so well cared for, the gardens beautiful and the views over the Romney Marsh are quite breath-taking'. 


A highlight of this visit for Dorothy was that the were allowed to see a mural painted by Rex Whistler, which visitors are not always able to see. Dorothy has spent much of her life as an amateur painter, so we were so glad to hear about that extra treat that helped make the day so special. 


Sadly for Dorothy, she did write in her letter that she wished she did not have to leave her husband behind of course – however that he preferred to snooze in his chair anyway! 

What it meant 

She ended the letter by kindly saying 'this was a day we will all remember, but it wasspecialfor me. Once again - a very big thank you'. 


We were so glad we were able to help Dorothy and her family experience this day together

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