One of the best things we can do for ourselves and others is to talk to each other – to make time to have a conversation and connect with someone new - and it can brighten up your whole day! Our Phone Buddy scheme is set up to give our beneficiaries a new way of getting to know someone new over the phone – and neither you nor your buddy (one of our volunteers) even have to leave the house!

One of our beneficiaries, Alan, said that he signed up for the befriending services ‘just for the company’ and found that what surprised him the most about it was how it made him realise just how much ‘he likes to socialise’.

We set up the first call between you and your ‘buddy’ and then between the two of you (and depending on your own schedules), you arrange when you would like to have the next one. It’s so easy to do and to fit in – and it’s perfect for those days when you just want someone to talk to and ask about their day.

Getting to know someone new is as easy as picking up the phone and if the Phone Buddy Scheme sounds like something you would like to try then we too would love to hear from you! 

You can call us on: 020 8691 7411 or if you prefer, you can send us an email at: [email protected] and we’ll arrange the rest. if you have always thought about and wanted to volunteer that it couldn’t be any easier than this  - give us a call, and we’ll provide on the phone training and send you all the information you need as well as answer any questions you may have. 

It’s more than just a phone call – it’s taking a stand against loneliness, and helping others to do so too.