Golden Charter have been providing funeral planning services for over 25 years. Whilst there are many reasons to plan ahead for later life, the biggest by far according to research is the cost involved with NOT planning.

In just 13 years, the cost of a basic funeral has increased by 112%*.

Planning your funeral is for many a very personal affair and one which often requires much consideration before making that final decision. With so many funeral planning companies offering what may seem like very similar products, the decision can be challenging. That is why it’s so important to do your research thoroughly, also keeping in mind that funeral plan prices have risen dramatically with no indication of slowing down.

But why should I get a funeral plan now?
Since 2016, the average cost of a basic funeral has risen by 4.6% now costing approximately £4,078*.

Don’t give in to rising costs:
Since 2004, funeral costs have increased by a staggering 112%*. In 2004 you would have typically paid £1,920 for your funeral, however today you could be paying around £4,078*. Surpassing the rate of inflation, pension and annual salaries, if funeral plans continue to increase at this rate, funerals could cost you around £7,000 by the year 2027**. For many of us we may not have this amount of money at our disposal. By choosing us as your funeral plan provider, this will allow you to secure your funeral director’s services at today’s prices. We also offer a range of flexible payment options, allowing you to spread the cost over several years, depending on your own circumstances, helping to give you peace of mind.

You will have the confidence that your money is safe and secure. Your payment(s) to Golden Charter are paid into the Golden Charter Trust – a separate financial body managed by a Board of Trustees. Only when the time comes will your money be released from the Trust***.

Today’s average cost of dying
The average cost of dying refers to the cost of a basic funeral as well as the money put towards the send-off (the overall cost of dying). For many, the send-off can allow you to further personalise your funeral and to relieve some further stress for your family at an already difficult time. Items you may choose to include in providing a fitting send-off may include flowers, order of service sheets, catering and so on. With the cost of a basic funeral now making up 46% of the overall cost of dying, the average cost of dying last year sat at £8905*, an increase of 52% since 2007.

Leaving it till the last minute could seriously cost you
Hopefully this article has been helpful to you as we have provided a wealth of statistics to give you awareness that funeral costs are increasing at a rate where it has now surpassed that of petrol costs, electricity costs, house prices and weekly wages.

No-one can determine what will happen to us in the future, however at Golden Charter, we know that monetary hardships affect many of us, therefore we have created a range of plans with payment methods that will suit your own circumstances, enabling you to secure the funeral directors services included in the plan at today’s prices.

At Golden Charter we have supported more than 500,000 customers in their funeral planning arrangements. As we are also owned by a large network of independent funeral directors, many of whom have been in business for generations serving their local communities, you can be sure that you and your family will be well cared for. At Golden Charter we have created a special offer for those who choose to purchase a funeral plan with us, through the CSRF. If you choose to purchase a funeral plan with us, we will give you a £150 M&S gift card to spend as you please1. This offer also means that we will give the CSRF an automatic donation of £2202.

If you’re interested in saving money for the future through a pre-paid funeral plan with us, why not call our team of friendly advisors today for free on 0800 090 2342, quoting reference CSRFWB03. Our advisors will be on hand to answer any queries you may have.

1To be eligible for the M&S gift card you must call us quoting the reference CSRFWB03. This offer excludes Basic Plans. The £150 gift card will be issued 90 days from the start date of your plan, providing that your plan remains in place and the necessary payments have been received. No cash alternative will be offered. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer.
2Golden Charter will give CSRF a donation of £220 for every plan purchased through CSRF. This offer excludes Basic Plans. You must quote reference CSRFWB03 . This donation will be made 90 days from the date your plan is made live.

*SunLife Cost of Dying Report 2017
** Golden Charter projections based on SunLife Cost of Dying Report.
*** When paying by Fixed Monthly Payments options, your payments will be paid to a UK life assurance company and managed by them.