We took some time to catch up with the "Marathon Man" himself - our Befriending Support Officer, Nathan McLellan to see how training and the preparation stages are going for him.

Our partners at CS Healthcare have sponsored us for this year's Marathon, and have been a massive help in the build up and promotion of the event so a big thanks to them. They provide health insurance to civil service, public sector and not-for-profit employees at competitive rates. Find out more about what they do by visiting their website

CSRF Interviewer  - "Hi Nathan, we know you quite well but for the folks reading this that don’t – tell us a bit about yourself?"

Nathan McLellan – "I love working in befriending both at The CSRF and also at Volunteer centre Hackney, where I work and volunteer on a community outreach programme. I’m originally from Tasmania and have been living here for 7 years so I still love exploring London, and the UK in general. Being Australian I tend to ‘explore’ mainly pubs and bars when I get the chance!"

CI – "Great! I’m guessing the nightlife has taken a hit in training? I hope so anyway!"

N – "Yes, it has! I’ve had to switch to the lighter version of Fosters of late. Radlers, if you’ve heard of them. Getting endlessly mocked for that, but it’ll be worth it!"

CI – "Excellent. So tell us a little more about the training then, and the decision to do the marathon in the first place?"

N – "Well I love sport in general. I run now and used to skate (skateboard) a lot as a kid. I’ve never challenged myself with anything quite like a marathon though and that’s what’s so exciting! The opportunity presented itself and I jumped at it. The chance to accomplish something personally, and also raise some money for a cause I’m genuinely passionate about was something I couldn’t miss"

"Training wise it’s been tough, but I’m getting there. Have done a few warm up events already, including the Richmond Park Marathon last Sunday – which went really well!"

CI - "Wow, well good luck with that Nath. Look forward to enjoying a few well deserved Radlers with you after." 

You can donate or find out more about Nathan's Marathon attempt here