The recycled teens are not, as it may seem, the name of some young, up and coming band you've yet to hear about – but 3 energetic ladies who regularly attend our Greenwich meeting. They call themselves the recycled teens due to their continuing zest for life and a determination to live it, rather than end it.  

This is very much the spirit that our groups represent, and these 3 women embody it! They run a group called the 'Livewires' that has been going on for 25 years. The focus is staying active and socialising – fantastic goals to have. 2 years ago the group took a bit of a hit as they were forced to move from their long term home in Greenwich centre, which boasted a range of facilities including swimming, gym, table tennis, badminton and indoor bowls. There was also space to play bridge and other card games for those winding down, or those who were not participating in the physical activities. This group could accommodate up to 50 people and had a 5 year waiting list it was so popular. 

Not ones to be discouraged by the move, they have continued to meet in their new locationLinda said, as one of the reasons for coming to the group, that 'we'll give anything a go' which is really in the spirit of the group and the recycled teen philosophy.  Far from wanting a quiet life, they are looking for as much to do as possible and loved not only that there was a social group meeting, but the actual variety of theprogrammeon offer. Highlights they are looking forward to are a group trip to the cinema and next years prestigious inter-group quiz! They are lucky enough to have Ray, an ex-Mastermind and Radio 4's Brain of Britain champ, in the group who will be performing the role of Quizmaster. 

Both Jean and Doreen are ex-Civil Service, while Linda worked in building societies for 30 years before she retired. They all think the group being available to all retirees is great, as it keeps it open and helps with the numbers. Plus, without this open policy – the recycled teens would only be a twosome.

Having not only our group – but promoting as much activity in this space is crucial. There is much more appetite for these types of groups from the older community that peoplerealiseThe recycled teens are adamant they don't want to just sit at home!  

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