Mary joined the Civil Service Retirement Fellowship after she retired from a career in finance. Mary was in the same position as many of us are when our family move away and are no longer nearby to visit, and Mary describes that feeling perfectly in saying that she was just looking to find someone that it would ‘be nice to keep in touch with’.

By becoming a CSRF Beneficiary and signing up to our Befriending Services, Mary has visits from a ‘very nice young lady’ and said that the experience is similar to ‘speaking with my granddaughter’. In between these home visits that are part of our National Visitors Network, Mary also enjoys talking to the other friend that she has made through our Phone Buddy Befriending Service and said that she too is a “very nice lady” who always calls every fortnight.

It’s not easy to try something new, and it’s never easy to adjust to no longer having friends and family nearby – but there is always someone out there looking for a new friend, and that is why our Befriending Services really do make a difference. We can make these friendships happen so that no one is stuck feeling lonely because they can’t often leave the house, or there isn’t someone they know locally to visit – whether you’re looking for someone to come over and visit, or even just to get to know over the phone, or perhaps you want to volunteer and be that person – we would love to hear from you.

Give us a call on: 020 8691 7411 or if you prefer, you can send us an email at: [email protected] and we’ll do the rest.

Volunteering or becoming a beneficiary really can be as easy as making a new friend – and no matter what age you are – a new friend makes a big difference.