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Chandlers Ford

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Ken Willcocks Chairman T: 023 8076 0102


Chandlers Ford Community Centre
Hursley Road, Chandlers Ford
SO53 2FT


First Friday of the month at 10.00am


08 Jan 2016 (Event in past)
Roaming Free, life between the grids: talk by Suzanne Kempe
05 Feb 2016 (Event in past)
Hampshire Autism: talk by Georgia O'Rourke
04 Mar 2016 (Event in past)
Group AGM
17 Mar 2016 (Event in past)
Skittles/Lunch at Wellow Golf Club 10am-3pm
01 Apr 2016 (Event in past)
The Ups and Downs of my Life (all my own fault): talk by Bob Goff
06 May 2016 (Event in past)
The History of the John Lewis Partnership: talk by John Pumfrey (he will showcase their range and products)
03 Jun 2016 (Event in past)
Why was Mary contrary? The History of some Nursery Rhymes: talk by Mrs B Doughty
01 Jul 2016 (Event in past)
Smart Meters: talk by Neil Richardson
05 Aug 2016 (Event in past)
Keeping Safe on the Internet: talk by Mr D Bevis
02 Sep 2016 (Event in past)
The Making of Films of Local Interest: talk b Patrick Kempe
07 Oct 2016 (Event in past)
Murder most Macabre: talk by Mike Southwell
16 Oct 2016 (Event in past)
Skittles/Lunch at Wellow Golf Club 10am-3pm
04 Nov 2016 (Event in past)
Annual Cheese & Wine Party
02 Dec 2016 (Event in past)
A Life under German Rule in Guernsey: talk by John Richards
20 Dec 2016 (Event in past)
Christmas Lunch at Keats Restaurant, Ampfield - 12.30pm
06 Jan 2017 (Event in past)
Tools for Self-Reliance: talk by Tony Parkinson
03 Feb 2017 (Event in past)
Winchester Prison, Past and Present: talk by Mr M Watts
03 Mar 2017 (Event in past)
Group AGM
16 Mar 2017 (Event in past)
Skittles/Lunch at Wellow Golf Club 10am-3pm
07 Apr 2017 (Event in past)
The Mystery of Morris Dancing: talk by Alan Frampton
05 May 2017 (Event in past)
The Great War, a Local Perspective: talk by Mr Cross
02 Jun 2017 (Event in past)
Keeping your eyes right, a look at sight loss: talk by Mr Smith
07 Jul 2017 (Event in past)
The Life of Nelson - talk by Mr Wilson
04 Aug 2017 (Event in past)
World War II Secrets of Eastleigh Carriage Works - talk by Mr Humby
01 Sep 2017 (Event in past)
All around the Gallopers: the story of the Merry Go Round - talk by Mr B Smith
06 Oct 2017 (Event in past)
Creative Embroidery with recycled items - talk by Jayne Lewis
12 Oct 2017 (Event in past)
Skittles/Lunch - Wellow Golf Club. From 10am-3pm.
03 Nov 2017 (Event in past)
Cheese & Wine/Lunch at Meeting Hall. Note the later start of 11am.
01 Dec 2017 (Event in past)
So why do we need friendly Bacteria - Talk by Mrs M Gilbert
19 Dec 2017
Christmas Lunch - Keats Restaurant, Ampfield. 12.30pm
05 Jan 2018
The Queens Bodyguard of Yeoman of the Guard - Talk by Alan Saunders
02 Feb 2018
The Benedictine Way of Life - Talk by Reg Fletcher
02 Mar 2018
Annual General Meeting
22 Mar 2018
Skittles/Lunch, Wellow Golf Club, 10am-3pm
06 Apr 2018
The Friends of King Alfred Buses (follow up talk) - Talk by Geoffrey Norris
04 May 2018
All around the Gallopers. The History of the Merry Go Round - Talk by Robert Smith
01 Jun 2018
Saving lives at sea (Royal National Lifeboat Institution) - talk by Caroline Tilley

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Monthly meetings start with tea, coffee and biscuits and general 'chit chat' followed by a little formal business. 
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