As well as receiving subscription and donation revenue from our supporters, we also welcome corporate sponshorship as a means to support our services. We like to work with organisations on projects where there is a shared passion for the aims and goals of the initiative(s) in question.  

Sponsor our befriending schemes

The National Visitors Network and Phone Buddy Scheme are our two national befriending services that were set up to help combat loneliness and alleviate social isolation in later life. They are run by trained volunteers who provide regular home visits or phone calls to any beneficiary in need.

As these are our flagship schemes, engagement with both would provide prominent exposure to any organisation via corporate branding, inclusion in our editorial and marketing initiatives as well as potential staff volunteering and personal development opportunities throughout the course of the year.

Other ideas

In addition to sponsorship of one of our befriending schemes there are many other ways your company or organisation could financially support a service. For example, for just £4,000 per year you could enable us to provide an I.T. Helpline that offers advice and guidance to those not so familiar with computers or technology.

Get in touch

For more details of service related sponsorship opportunities please contact the Chief Executive, David Tickner. By phone: 020 8469 9197 or by email: [email protected]