Local Contact(s)
Liz Beedie Secretary T: 0131 229 7422

St Johns Cafe, Princes Street, Edinburgh EH2 4BJ

Third Tuesday of each month at 2pm (except January (Winter Lunch) and September (Summer Lunch)).

We run walks throughout the year and meet at Lakeland, corner of George Street/Hanover Street at 1.30pm on the first Friday of each month (except June, July & August). Organiser: Francis Valentine (Tel: 0131 228 3243).

Tues 17 Aug         Coffee Meeting at Holyrood Palace Cafe, 2pm
                           (Outside & Inside Options)
Fri 3 Sept            Walk led by Francis Valentine
                           Meet at Lakeland, George St, 1.30pm
Tues 21 Sept       Summer Lunch at Holyrood Palace Cafe, 12.30pm
                           Cost £10 for members (subsidised by Edinburgh Group)
Fri 1 Oct              Walk
Tues 19 Oct          Coffee Meeting at St Johns Cafe (corner of Princes St and
                           Lothian Rd), 2pm
Fri 5 Nov              Walk
Tues 16 Nov         Coffee Meeting at St Johns Cafe, 2pm
Fri 3 Dec              Walk
Tues 21 Dec          Meeting TBC
Fri 7 Jan 2022      Walk
Tues 19 Jan          Winter Lunch at the French Bistro (Corner of the Royal Mile
                            & George IV Bridge), 12.30pm
                            Cost £10 for members (subsidised by Edinburgh Group)
Fri 4 Feb               Walk
Tues 15 Feb           AGM at St John's Church, 2pm
                            (will be held in a private room)