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Mr I A McPherson, Chairman
T: 01452 534393


Evangelical Church
Colwell Avenue


First Thursday of the month at 2.00pm


05 Feb 2015 (Event in past)
Health and Wellbeing - talk by Dr Andy Evans
05 Mar 2015 (Event in past)
02 Apr 2015 (Event in past)
Isle of Arron & Islay Whisky Trail - talk by Iain Willox
16 Apr 2015 (Event in past)
Trip for Carvery lunch at the March Hare
07 May 2015 (Event in past)
Inspirational Adventures - talk by Jamie McDonald
04 Jun 2015 (Event in past)
Fire Safety in the Home - Gloucester Fire Service
02 Jul 2015 (Event in past)
CSRF Golden Jubilee Strawberry tea
06 Aug 2015 (Event in past)
British Dance Bands: talk
03 Sep 2015 (Event in past)
Health and Wellbeing: talk
01 Oct 2015 (Event in past)
Glorious Gloucestershire: talk
05 Nov 2015 (Event in past)
03 Dec 2015 (Event in past)
Christmas Tea Party
03 Mar 2016 (Event in past)
07 Apr 2016 (Event in past)
Khyber Pass or Bust: talk
05 May 2016 (Event in past)
Cities of Southern Spain: talk
02 Jun 2016 (Event in past)
Port to Port: talk
07 Jul 2016 (Event in past)
Cream Tea & Quiz
04 Aug 2016 (Event in past)
Heath & Wellbeing: talk
01 Sep 2016 (Event in past)
Discovering a Family Tree: talk
06 Oct 2016 (Event in past)
Quaint and Quirky Gloucestershire: talk
03 Nov 2016 (Event in past)
The Silver Singers
01 Dec 2016 (Event in past)
Chistmas Party
05 Jan 2017 (Event in past)
Disaster waiting for the Severn Bridge: talk
02 Feb 2017 (Event in past)
The Queen's Bodyguard of the Yeomen of the Guard: talk
02 Mar 2017 (Event in past)
06 Apr 2017 (Event in past)
No Speaker, alternative entertainment
04 May 2017 (Event in past)
Illustrated Journey back to the 19th Century
01 Jun 2017 (Event in past)
Summer Tea Party
06 Jul 2017 (Event in past)
Rout on the Riviera The Slapton Sands Disaster: talk
03 Aug 2017 (Event in past)
No Speaker, alternative entertainment
07 Sep 2017 (Event in past)
Tax, Care & Toy Boys: talk
05 Oct 2017 (Event in past)
The Silver Singers - popular songs from a local choir
02 Nov 2017 (Event in past)
Poetry Readings - Comical & Wry by Joyce Neale
07 Dec 2017 (Event in past)
Christmas Party

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