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(Clockwise from top left: Doreen & Julie enjoying our National Visitors Network; beneficiaries at our newest local community group in Bognor Regis; Sarah & Joyce during a home visit; our Eltham group enjoying a local trip)

Leaving a gift in your will

The Civil Service Retirement Fellowship is the only civil service charity entirely dedicated to ensuring all retired Civil Servants, partners and dependants are provided with social activities, volunteering opportunities, befriending schemes (National Visitors Network and Phone Buddy), friendship and advice. 

In 2015 our services directly helped improve the quality of life for over 6,000 beneficiaries who engaged with our local community groups, Phone Buddy scheme and National Visitors Network. As we receive no government funding we rely on the money we raise through regular subscriptions and donations to support and safeguard our work. 

By leaving us a legacy, however big or small, you would be making an important contribution to that. 

Did you know?
A third of people in the UK say they are happy to leave a gift to a charity in their will but only 7% currently do.

How do I make a legacy?
If you are interested in leaving us a gift in your will the most important starting point is to make sure you have a will! Our legal partners McClures Solicitors are available to offer you advice and guidance on either making a will or reviewing your existing one and their details are found on our information sheet.

To find out more about leaving a legacy and to request our free information sheet call 020 8691 7411 or click the link below to download it