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Roger Walker Chairman T: 01635 44575 E:


St. John's Church Room, Newtown Road, Newbury
Newtown Road


Second Monday of the month at 2.15pm


11 Jan 2016 (Event in past)
Group AGM
01 Feb 2016 (Event in past)
Committee Meeting
08 Feb 2016 (Event in past)
Odd Odes and True Stories: talk
14 Mar 2016 (Event in past)
The British Army Today: talk by Army Engagement Group
04 Apr 2016 (Event in past)
Committee Meeting
11 Apr 2016 (Event in past)
Tales from the Operas: talk by Pat Purcell
09 May 2016 (Event in past)
Perfume Bottles: talk by Maureen Coles
16-20 May 2016 (Event in past)
Group Holiday to Weymouth
13 Jun 2016 (Event in past)
Bring & Buy and Plant Sale and Quiz
11 Jul 2016 (Event in past)
A Layman's View of the Middle East: talk by Jane Sutton
13 Jul 2016 (Event in past)
Annual Strawberry Tea Party
08 Aug 2016 (Event in past)
Curios: talk by Christine Betson
12 Sep 2016 (Event in past)
Then & Now: talk by Nick Young
10 Oct 2016 (Event in past)
New Zealand: talk by Alan Copeland
13 Oct 2016 (Event in past)
Pub Lunch
07 Nov 2016 (Event in past)
Committee Meeting
14 Nov 2016 (Event in past)
In the Footsteps of Shackleton: talk by Neil Stewart
05 Dec 2016 (Event in past)
Christmas Lunch
12 Dec 2016 (Event in past)
Christmas Party
09 Jan 2017 (Event in past)
Group AGM
06 Feb 2017 (Event in past)
Committee Meeting
13 Feb 2017 (Event in past)
Siege of Troy: talk by Jaye Windmill
13 Mar 2017 (Event in past)
Tenerife, Atlantic Paradise: talk by Jean Sheppard
10 Apr 2017 (Event in past)
The Dog Listener: talk by Ian Mackay
08 May 2017 (Event in past)
Games and/or Quiz
12 Jun 2017 (Event in past)
Bring & Buy and Plant Sale
10 Jul 2017 (Event in past)
Games afternoon
14 Aug 2017 (Event in past)
The Duke and the Miners Daughter: talk by Tony Hadland
11 Sep 2017 (Event in past)
Japan Holiday: talk by Paul Sievers
09 Oct 2017 (Event in past)
The Birth of a Nature: talk by Malcolm Nelson
13 Nov 2017
The Biography of Father Christmas: talk by Rupert Mathews
11 Dec 2017
Christmas Party
08 Jan 2018
Annual General Meeting


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