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Ruth Haile Chairman T: 01691 650993


The Wynnstay Hotel
Church Street
SY11 2SZ


First Tuesday of each month at 10.30am


02 Feb 2016 (Event in past)
Tax, Care and Toyboys: talk
01 Mar 2016 (Event in past)
Love Food, Hate Waste: talk by Joy Blizzard
05 Apr 2016 (Event in past)
Return visit of Rev. Steve McKenna
03 May 2016 (Event in past)
SADS UK: talk about the Charity by Anne Wilson
07 Jun 2016 (Event in past)
Making Flowers from Paper: Marcia Meredith
05 Jul 2016 (Event in past)
Hotel with a famous guest list: talk by John Butterworth
02 Aug 2016 (Event in past)
Alaska - Glaciers, Whales and Gold: talk by Lynne Munden
09 Aug 2016 (Event in past)
Summer Lunch (venue TBA)
06 Sep 2016 (Event in past)
Annual Quiz
04 Oct 2016 (Event in past)
A further dip in the past of Oswestry CSRF: talk by Dorothy Thomas
01 Nov 2016 (Event in past)
All about Christmas: talk by Dorothy Nicolle
06 Dec 2016 (Event in past)
Christmas Lunch at the Wynnstay Hotel, 11.30am for 12 noon
03 Jan 2017 (Event in past)
AGM followed by lunch at the Wynnstay Hotel, 11.00am, lunch 12 noon
07 Feb 2017 (Event in past)
07 Mar 2017 (Event in past)
Wildlife Photographer - talk by Michael Leach on Penguins
04 Apr 2017 (Event in past)
Poverty in Victorian Oswestry - talk by Carol James
02 May 2017 (Event in past)
History of Raven Cottage, Oswestry - talk by Carol Gough
09 May 2017 (Event in past)
Spring Lunch - venue TBA
06 Jun 2017 (Event in past)
India in the 1950s - talk by Barbara Maitra
04 Jul 2017 (Event in past)
Annual Quiz
01 Aug 2017 (Event in past)
Traditional Textiles with a modern twist - talk by Jenny O'Leary
08 Aug 2017 (Event in past)
Summer Lunch - venue TBA
05 Sep 2017 (Event in past)
A Table Arrangement made with 'bits & bobs' - talk by Ruth Clarke
03 Oct 2017 (Event in past)
Surprise Topic - return visit and talk by Dorothy Nicolle
07 Nov 2017 (Event in past)
The work of the Red Cross around the world - talk by Catriona Learmont
05 Dec 2017 (Event in past)
Christmas Lunch at Wynnstay Hotel, Oswestry
02 Jan 2018
AGM followed by lunch at the Wynnstay Hotel
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