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Enjoying the National Visitors Network - Jenny's story from David Tickner on Vimeo.

Jenny is just one of a whole host of our beneficiaries who enjoy regular visits thanks to the National Visitors Network. She shares a little of why she enjoys the friendship and companionship offered by the service in the video above.

The National Visitors Network is open to any beneficiary (retired civil servant, widow/widower, partner or dependant) of the Civil Service Retirement Fellowship.

How can I register to receive a Visit?

We all feel lonely at different times in our lives, but it is more common in later years as family and friends move on and we no longer have the daily interaction with colleagues that working for large organisations such as the Civil Service provided.

Accepting that we are experiencing loneliness is perhaps the most difficult first step for anybody, but it is a step that once taken can be dealt with. 

So if you’d like to register to receive a visit then get in touch as we’d be very pleased to talk you through the process involved. 

The availability of Visitors in your area will determine how quickly we can get you matched up but we will keep in touch with you throughout the process to advise you of progress.

So if you are interested in registering to receive a visit please give us a call on 020 8469 9195 or email:
 (all enquiries are treated in confidence)
“I have two delightful ladies who I visit. The scheme is so worthwhile as these dear souls have very little quality of life but are so pleased to receive a visit." 
Heather L, Visitor

“My buddy makes me feel in touch with the world again”
Louise C, Call recipient

“I now consider my call recipient a real friend.”
Dorothy D, Phone Buddy

“My visit was exactly what I needed to stop feeling lonely.”
Hana, Beneficiary

“The service I received from Fellowship Office throughout the process was polite and very efficient.”
Martin, Visitor