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Stockport/Grove Park

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Yvonne Smith Social Secretary T: 0161 427 5593


Brookdale Club
Bridge Lane, Bramhall


First Thursday of each month at 2.15pm


07 Jan 2016 (Event in past)
In house Entertainment
04 Feb 2016 (Event in past)
AGM and Video Show
03 Mar 2016 (Event in past)
Banking in a Gentler Age: talk by Alan Hayhurst
07 Apr 2016 (Event in past)
Bee Keeping: talk by Peter Stafford
05 May 2016 (Event in past)
Advances in Medical Science: talk by Bernard Loveday
02 Jun 2016 (Event in past)
Mersey to the Sea - Ships to the Isle of Man: talk by John Hooley
07 Jul 2016 (Event in past)
Slide Show by Alistair
04 Aug 2016 (Event in past)
Banking in a Gentler Age: talk by Alan Hayhurst
01 Sep 2016 (Event in past)
Oscar Wilde: talk by Derek Slater
06 Oct 2016 (Event in past)
Overcoming Disability: talk by Peter Booth
03 Nov 2016 (Event in past)
Working with the Homeless in Manchester: talk by Judith Walmsley
24 Nov 2016 (Event in past)
Christmas Lunch at '5 Ways', Hazel Grove
01 Dec 2016 (Event in past)
A Video Show by Alistair Macrae
05 Jan 2017 (Event in past)
In-house Entertainment
02 Feb 2017 (Event in past)
AGM followed by Mixed Entertainment
02 Mar 2017 (Event in past)
Oscar Wilde: talk by Derek Slater
06 Apr 2017 (Event in past)
Working with the Homeless: 2nd visit by Judith Walmsley
04 May 2017 (Event in past)
The Changing Face of Sale: talk by Mrs P Coulburn
01 Jun 2017 (Event in past)
Essential Norway Memories of a P&O Cruise: talk by Ian Hamilton
03 Aug 2017 (Event in past)
The Building of the Monton Lighthouse: talk by Philip Austin
07 Sep 2017 (Event in past)
The Invention of the Aeroplane near Scarborough at the time of the Battle of Trafalgar: talk by Dr John Ackroyd
05 Oct 2017 (Event in past)
Alzheimer's An Engineer's View: talk by Fred Walker
02 Nov 2017
Quiz or Games (to be arranged)
07 Dec 2017
Video Show by Alaister
Dec 2017
Christmas Lunch (date to be agreed)

Local News

Please do not send any correspondence to the Stockport/Grove Park Group c/o The Brookdale Club. Please contact Yvonne Smith (details above).
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