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Tamar/Tavy (Tavistock)

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David Askew Secretary T: 01822 612274
Shirley Banks Treasurer T: 01752 769586
Derrick Coles Vice Chairman T: 01822 810480


Burrator Inn
Princetown Road, Dousland
PL20 6NP


Second Thursday of the month at 12.30pm


09 Jan 2014 (Event in past) 
The workings of the Customs - talk by Andy Stewart
13 Feb 2014 (Event in past) 
The Jobbers Route on Dartmoor - talk by Tom Sobey
13 Mar 2014 (Event in past) 
The Burrator Reservoir - talk by Neil Reeves
08 May 2014 (Event in past)
Customs & Excise - talk by Andy Stewart
12 Jun 2014 (Event in past)
Life after Submarines - talk by David Tall
10 Jul 2014 (Event in past)
Details to be confirmed
12 Aug 2014 (Event in past)
The Giving of a Kidney - talk by David Hemmings
09 Sep 2014 (Event in past)
Bee Keeping - talk by Lee Bailey
12 Feb 2015 (Event in past)
Life in Plymouth during the War - talk by Joice Reith.
14 May 2015 (Event in past)
The Work of Customs & Excise: talk by Andy Stewart
21 May 2015 (Event in past)
Joint trip with Princetown Group to the Norman Lockyer Observatory in Sidmouth
11 Jun 2015 (Event in past)
Tavistock Support Services: talk
09 Jul 2015 (Event in past)
Visit to the Plymouth Synagogue (the oldest Ashkenazi Synagogue in the English speaking world)
13 Aug 2015 (Event in past)
Bulgaria under Communism: talk by Sheila Matthews
10 Dec 2015 (Event in past)
Christmas Lunch

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